Ropella 360 serves as a Strategic Advisor to PE firms, middle market, and Fortune 500 clients from across the globe. 

Providing People for Executive Search, as well as Platform Search and Perspectives Search, while helping grow your great company faster. We do so through strategically evaluated industry/market/product-specific introductions to A-players, Level 5 transformational C-Suite leaders, and SME advisors. For those requiring the highest levels of value creation, working with Ropella means leveraging the world’s best Leaders and uncovering untapped growth opportunities and proprietary M&A deals to drive more significant investor ROI.

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Ropella 360 has been very helpful to our firm as they have completed two CEO and two information searches in the last eight months. Having previously worked for a leading executive search firm (Russell Reynolds) and utilized multiple others, I can tell you Ropella’s SMART Search System is world class and delivered extremely high-quality and fast results. I highly recommend their strategic “search” capabilities and relationship building skills.

Chris Wright
Partner, Alderman Enterprises

The Ropella 360 Suite

Your own personal SuperConnector resource…
providing SEARCH Services for:

The Right Executives

Identifying A-players & Level 5
transformational leaders as:

  • Board members
  • C-Suite executives
  • Key leaders & team builders
  • PE leadership
  • Interim SMEs & consultants
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The Right Company

Partnering with founders,
innovators, and investors on:

  • Sourcing backable execs
  • Buy-side deal flow
  • Sell-side transactions
  • Strategic partnerships
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The Right Information

Directing XCAVATE
Search Strategy for:

  • Company list building
  • Executive list building
  • Sell-side transactions
  • List sorting and prioritizing
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“Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field. All the clever strategies and advanced tech in the world are nowhere near as effective without great people to put them to work.”

Jack Welch, Chairman of GE and Author of Winning

Our Clients

Ropella 360 is proud to have served thousands of clients worldwide over the past 35 years.
They are typically chemical, material science, consumer products manufacturers, all types of general industrial companies, and the PE investors sponsoring them.

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