Backable Executives

Most PE leaders don’t fully understand the value of executing the “Executive First” / Backable Executive model when chasing proprietary acquisition prospects. Yes, they get the value of using subject matter executives (SMEs) and CEOs to serve as River Guides and Due Diligence consultants. Yet, 80% of the PE leaders that do use Backable Executives as “Acquisition Hunters” to find platforms or bolt-ons often complain that they find the success very hit-or-miss.

Ropella 360 has the unique perspective of having interviewed hundreds of PE Founders, Partners, and Operating Advisors. We’ve also interviewed hundreds of Backable Executives who have partnered with PE firms.

We’ve learned what causes the failure rate to be so high… and, more importantly, the best practices that can solve this challenging problem.

Here is what you need to learn and apply to successfully utilize the “Executive First” / Backable Executive model.

Why should PE Firms work with Backable Executives?

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I recently had the opportunity to explore the Backable Executive opportunity presented by Ropella, and I must say, the Opportunity Marketing Piece they’ve crafted is unparalleled – truly the best I’ve encountered. Wishing everyone at Ropella continued success and well-being.

Charles Eggert
Operating Partner
Arsenal Capital Partners

The Ideal Backable Executive “Serial Hunter”:

“The most important decisions that
business people make are not what
decisions, but who decisions.”

Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t