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Sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and getting offers accepted is often filled with surprises, challenges, and failures. We are here to guide our clients to success.

Senior Leadership Interview Assessment

Having an interview guide when interviewing has a dual benefit. 1) It makes it clear to the prospective candidates you’re serious (about assessing and hiring) and that you’re not just winging it. And 2) It helps you to remain focused during the give and take of the interview, to gather the needed information you’ll want to share with others, to compare one candidate to another, and then to make recommendations for who the finalists are going to be. Whether you use the questions as presented in this guide or you create your own — it doesn’t matter. Just get organized and take your assessment and hiring to another level with solid tools. Ropella often custom creates interview and assessment guides for the clients we serve. If you’d like to learn more about this, please reach out to us, and we’ll set up a conversation.

Techniques For Behavior-Based Interviewing

A candidate’s skills and experience can only reveal so much information. You need to know more than that in order to select the best candidates. The more you understand about their character and behavior, the better you’ll understand the candidate’s likelihood of success.

Interview — Assessment Scorecard

When interviewing mid-level to senior-level executives, there are a few key traits you need to assess. This scorecard will help you determine whether the candidate will be a good fit for your organization.


UpHiring is a disruptive, transformational, ROI-based, A-player hiring playbook that’s designed for transformational leaders who know that the team with the best talent wins.

Assessment Tools

The major challenge of executive search is finding the candidate who will be the “best fit” for the specific position and for the organizational culture as a whole. Interviews certainly give you a place to start, but assessments can help you take your decision-making to the next level. We recommend these best-in-class tools.

How Do I Recruit And Successfully Hire Passive Top-Quality Talent?

The stronger the relationship between you, your company, and the candidate you are recruiting, the easier it is to interview, negotiate, and close a win-win offer.

Koch Science Of Success — Cultural Assessment

We often consult with our clients on the value of setting behavior standards, assessing performance and cultural fit with a variety of personality-profiling and function-specific assessment tools, and on-the-job testing. One assessment tool we use is The Science of Success by Charles G. Koch.

This one-of-a-kind tool compiles all of the complex factors associated with compensation (salary, bonus, vacation, 401K, etc.) and lays them out side by side so you can see how your intended offer compares to the candidate’s current earnings and competing offers.

Handling Non-Compete Objections

Non-competes can complicate the hiring process; however, this whitepaper gives the info you and your new hire need to deal with a non-compete objection.


The information resource and networking specialists for the chemical and allied industries and the technology-related markets. They offer the world’s largest database of people and companies working in the chemical and allied industries.


Personal Performance Management, 360 Degree Feedback, Career Assessment and Development.


Streamline employee background checks and drug-testing for any size business.


Level 5 leaders (A-players & Transformational Leaders)

drive ROI and simply accomplish more!

As a baseline for comparison, calculate the impact:

Weigh a LEVEL 1 CEO generating $100 Million a year in Revenue, an EBITDA of 10% and with a valuation factor of 6X.

Company Value =
$60 Million

Versus a LEVEL 3 CEO generating $100 Million a year in Revenue and an EBITDA of 20% and with a valuation factor of 8X.

Company Value =
$160 Million

Versus a LEVEL 5 CEO generating $100 Million a year in Revenue and an EBITDA of 30% and with a valuation factor of 10X.

Company Value =
$300 Million

Same sized company, but the company’s valuation is remarkably different! With this in mind, there should be no excuse why all Leaders, Board Members, and PE Investors don’t take very seriously the importance of sourcing, recruiting, interviewing & on-boarding A-player, Transformational Leaders.

When you consider the cost of using a world-class Talent Mgt. Advisor – their fees aren’t a cost… they are an investment opportunity! Clearly there is a correlation between the ROI of Making the Right Hires, while applying the SMART Search System… in order to Grow Great Companies.

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ROI Calculators

Ropella’s SMART Search System can save and even make money — driving the overall ROI of your hiring. We’ve created some useful calculators to help our clients examine the detrimental effects of these costs and to showcase how Ropella’s services can save organizations time, money, and stress in the long run.