Private Equity & Family Office: Where Subject Matter Executives, Founders, CEOs, and Investors Partner to Close Deals

Ropella 360 connects A-player and Level 5 transformational leaders (SMEs and Backable Executives) as Acquisition Hunters with their financial sponsors (VC, PE, and FO Investors) to create an investment thesis and to open doors to greater exclusive deal flow, through Ropella 360’s proprietary DEAL FLOW ACCELERATORSSM, thereby greatly maximizing acquisition success, much faster.

Once an investor has selected their Executive / Acquisition Hunter, we connect them to our world-class business development team, serving as a supporting team, which proves extremely valuable to the Backable Executive & their PE / FO sponsor, for finding a much larger number of High Quality, Proprietary Deal Flow opportunities much faster.

We also help Founders, CEOs, and Board Members in the same way with finding buyers. We will connect our business development and marketing teams to your sell-side campaign to open discussions with strategic buyers and/or VC, PE & FO Investors, depending on what makes the most sense for your future.

We are proud to support leaders and investors focused on the Chemical, Consumer Products, and General Industrial sectors with the buy side and sell side advisory support services you need.

Every transformational leader knows the team with the best talent wins – and Ropella 360 helps you win more!

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The Ropella 360 Circle of Trust

Often, Ropella 360 launches a relationship with a new connection by helping a PE client or a Corp. Technology executive with their Executive Search needs. We collaborate with people (clients and candidates) and then connect the right “PEOPLE” who are needed in senior leadership ranks within holdings, on boards, and/or within PE Firms & FOs.

As a result of our SMART Search SystemSM, our candidates and clients alike experience satisfaction and success, learning to believe firsthand in our capabilities and trust us.

Then we help them in another area while searching for a PLATFORM: mergers, acquisitions, JV, and/or funding for platforms & bolt-ons).

We help our candidates and clients while collecting valuable information that they’ve determined they need to form PERSPECTIVES.

By successfully providing these services at the highest quality levels, delivered quickly, we become valued strategic advisors to these A-player, Level 5 transformational leaders… who then refer us to others in their own networks.

In summary, our relationships always start with PEOPLE (where the Circle of Trust begins), and there, the foundations are laid by proving character, competence, and cost. Then, relationships grow deeper as we provide valuable services (through PLATFORMS and PERSPECTIVES), and ultimately, we generate long-lasting relationships through Accountability, Communications, and Trust.

Character, Competence, and Cost…
(Cost = your Time, Talent & Treasure) Is what gets you through the door.

Accountability, Communications, and Trust…
How you ACT… is what keeps you at the table.


Proven corporate and PE P&L with an exit, high EQ & IQ, conflict-free, and passionately focused by industry and niche.



We help you find the right backable leaders, then we help you engage, motivate and support them to drive MORE proprietary deal flow, faster.

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Whether you’re looking to grow your company with the right investment partner or simply maximizing the value of your potential exit, Ropella 360 can help. We maintain relationships with hundreds of high-net-worth individuals, private equity firms, family offices, and strategic investors who can help you tap the true potential of your great company. The goal being to source buyers outside of a typical auction process by delivering pre-vetted investors with successful track records in your industry segment.

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Whether you’re looking for bolt-ons, platforms, assets, or intellectual property, Ropella 360 excels in identifying and evaluating potential proprietary acquisition opportunities. We guide our clients through each stage of the transaction process. Drawing on partnerships with leading experts with decades of financial & legal prowess to guide businesses toward successful acquisitions that align with their growth objectives.


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