Pathways to Private Equity

“For those selling their business to PE, this scenario might sound familiar.” Over the past couple of years, you’ve received multiple calls from PE firms, investment bankers, and sell-side advisors. Your peers, accountant and/or lawyer have been recommending you take those calls and have those discussions. Your business is successful, you’re prepared financially for retirement, and you’re looking at your company’s succession plan and left wondering…

What’s next? You don’t know a whole lot about succession planning, exit planning, or even how to consider which PE firm you should be considering. Moreover, selling your company to a PE firm seems like an obvious path for you to invest your valuable time looking into. That said, you’ve seen some peers do well with this approach… while others say it’s been a total nightmare. So, where do you start? You might be thinking: Maybe I should just give the business to my children or my employees? The biggest question on your mind is… how do I get my wealth out of the business now while I’m still healthy enough to enjoy it?

Whether you are a business founder / owner looking to sell your business, or an executive looking to partner with a PE firm as part of a career transition, you need to understand all these differences before learning what fit would be the most rewarding for you and your ambitions.

In this book, we will help you select and navigate your chosen course. For almost 40 years, Ropella 360 has been advising senior Leaders within Fortune 500 and larger global corporations, as well as leaders inside of mid-market companies and even startups, based all over the world. We have been serving as super-connectors to bring the best people and the most successful leaders to the conference table, with the goal of helping them grow their great companies and their careers…

This book is written to ensure that you’re effectively thinking through which PE firm is the ideal “right fit” for you to be supporting, working for, and/or investing with. In the following pages, we’ll show you how to leverage your past experiences, your special industry expertise, your personality, as well as your available time, talent, and treasure once you select the right PE firm to partner with.

Over the past 5 years, Ropella 360 has hyper-focused its business development efforts more and more to the point of almost exclusively serving PE firms – conducting searches for a wide variety of leaders – and toward sourcing leads for buying and selling businesses. As a result, we have developed thousands of global relationships with Founders, Partners, and key leaders at hundreds of PE, VC, and FO investment firms. It’s as simple as it sounds – be the best and then find the best people to partner with, as this is the fastest path for going from good to great.

Pathways to Private Equity can be the first step to making it happen for you.