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Are You Ready to Interview For a C-Suite Position?

For many senior-level executives, there comes a time where they consider applying for a C-suite role. Whether this is in their current organization or in a different one, the idea of leading an organization is exciting. However, if they haven’t interviewed for a C-suite position before, it’s difficult to know what to expect. It’s hard […]

How to Be an Employer of Choice and Win Talent

The experts all agree: the job market has changed. The digital marketplace means that candidates have a wealth of information at their fingertips – from LinkedIn to Glassdoor to Indeed – and that information colors their employment decisions. Additionally, it used to be that workers outnumbered jobs; these days, candidates have a multitude of options. That means you need […]

How to Ensure the Best On-Boarding Experience For Senior Executives

The First 30 Days of the On-Boarding Experience The 30 days after the senior executive starts the on-boarding process is to help the senior executive function well in their position. It’s typically within these first 30 days where the senior executive loses the excitement of their new role. So, they will begin to realize the […]

Salary Negotiation Tips for C-Suite Leaders

Having the right – or wrong – executive leadership team in place makes the difference between success or failure for a business. So it makes sense that successful businesses pay their executives well.  Of course, there is a huge variance depending on the size and valuation of the company. But whether you’re looking to promote […]

The Importance of SMART Onboarding

You walk into the car dealership confident with your decision, and you’re excited about finally purchasing the car of your dreams. The salesman accompanies you on the test drive; the drive is smooth and comfortable, and you can see yourself happy with this as your daily driver. As he highlights the car’s features, the salesman casually brags […]

Negotiating Acceptance Before Making an Offer

Everyone knows that negotiating an offer can be the most delicate stage in the recruiting process. Done poorly, it can decrease the new hire’s job satisfaction before they have even begun their first day. Even worse, the offer may be rejected – and if it was a prolonged negotiation, that may mean that other viable candidates have […]