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Behavior-Based Interviewing for Successful Hires

Several Ropella employees serve as coaches for their children’s youth sports teams, most recently baseball and t-ball. Before the start of the season, the kids go through a “Skills Assessment” – everyone who has signed up demonstrates their ability to play: hitting, catching, and running the bases. Coaches grade the kids, and use the results to evenly […]

A Critical Partnership: Your Employees and Your Business Strategy

Close your eyes and picture a Viking ship. Imagine the long wooden hull; the brilliant red and white sails. Now imagine that ship has the oarsmen sitting on all sides of the boat. Additionally, they are randomly facing different directions What would happen? The ship would go absolutely nowhere – no matter how hard the oarsmen […]

3.5 Types of People – And the Key to Success

Some people just seem to have “it” – that mysterious, intangible characteristic that lets you know that they will be successful no matter what they decide to do. From selling copiers fresh out of high school to invest in a health club as a young professional to being Chairman and CEO of the world’s leading […]

Workplace Personalities ACED

Assessments are unquestionably valuable, they can be costly and time-consuming. With a little practice and common sense, however, you can learn to recognize other people’s personality types quickly. Want to become more attuned to behavioral styles at work? We suggest you make sure you have ACED these four main personality types: Analyzers, Conversationalists, Energizers, and […]

Courting the Superstar Candidate

Relationship Building During the Interview Once you’ve laid the proper groundwork prior to your face-to-face meeting, your next focus is to keep the momentum going with a great interview. It’s a chance for you to sell the candidate on the company, the position, and the community (if it’s a relocation). But beware – the psychology […]

Hiring Smarter, Faster, Boosting the Odds

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t hate the phrase “Because that’s how we’ve always done it”? In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, driven by hard data and analytics, “because that’s how we’ve always done it” is no longer a good enough rationale. Corporations the world over have applied this new logic to their fundamental business processes […]