The Right Hire (newly revised)

In most organizations, making the right hire means the difference between success and failure.
In health care, it means the difference between life and death.

The Right Hire was written examining the staffing process of Prestige Medical Center, a fictitious hospital system, and is referenced as a continuous theme throughout this book. If the right hire has great value in a hospital system, where hiring the right person (or the wrong person for that matter) can mean the difference between life and death, how valuable is the right or wrong hire in your own organization? With this in mind, Prestige Medical Center could just as easily have been any type of organization imaginable —including your own organization.

At the Ropella Group, we know from over 35 years of experience working repeatedly with many of the world’s largest chemical, high technology, consumer product, and energy and health care organizations that the SMART Talent Management strategies outlined in this book can cross all boundaries. Regardless of what industry, product, market, or organization you work in, where you are located globally, or what functional roles you focus on hiring for, this book will prove to be of value for you.

What matters is that you study the strategies of SMART Talent Management and implement the tactics, practices, forms, and tools of the SMART Search System®.

The Right Hire: How to Master the Art of SMART Talent Management helps you recruit great people and keep them loyal to the organization. Readers will understand, assimilate, and execute today’s best processes, programs, and practices for sourcing and marketing to potential candidates, assessing and recruiting top talent, retaining and training employees, and transforming your organization for the better (See where the “SMART” comes from?).

The Right Hire will dramatically improve your ability to get the right people in place — people who are
well-qualified, high-performing, and a perfect fit for your management style, behavioral standards, and culture.


Patrick, It was nice seeing you at this year’s Soap & Detergent Association annual meeting. I look forward to sharing the Right Hire with my leadership team. Thanks again to a valued partner and Leader.

Bob McDonald
Procter & Gamble