Ropella 360 utilizes a differentiated, relationship driven approach which enables our customers unparalleled access to the right investors while still maintaining the confidentiality of a closed auction.

Combining 35 years of search experience working with founders and a decade of successful co-investing alongside private equity funds, Ropella 360 brings a uniquely balanced perspective of both buyers and sellers to all our client engagements.

Our sell-side capabilities are rooted in this invaluable dual understanding of the market. We not only help clients confidentially identify and evaluate potential acquirers who understand the competitive dynamics of your industry, but we also navigate these transactions with a keen insight into the intricate dynamics between the parties involved.

This comprehensive approach empowers us to guide our customers towards buyers whose objectives align with your long-term growth objectives, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties. With Ropella 360, you can trust in our ability to facilitate successful sell-side transactions that add value to your business.

We resource each engagement with a Sr. Client Partner who seamlessly manages dedicated information research, marketing, and business development teams to deliver strong results in record time.