Clean Chemistry – Vice President of Sales

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  • Established 2012
  • Patented oxidant technology, PeroxyMAX
  • Backed by Black Bay Energy Capital
  • 35+ Employees Globally
  • Estimated $5+ Million in Revenue

Founded in 2012 and based in Boulder, CO, Clean Chemistry’s chemical technologies target water recycling and disinfection for hydraulic fracturing. The company’s flagship product, PeroxyMAX, enables rapid bacteria control and solids separation more efficiently and safely than alternative options like chlorine dioxide. PeroxyMAX has a loyal existing customer base, and demand is quickly accelerating.

In 2018, through a partnership and injection of growth capital from Black Bay Energy Capital (“Black Bay”), Clean Chemistry expanded its client base, management team, and service offerings as a high-tech chemistry and service provider. The company’s footprint extends with operations in Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota.


Seeking to expand its customer base and launch an existing product into the Pulp & Paper Industry, Clean Chemistry identified the need for a Vice President of Sales to lead this market entry. The ideal candidate would be responsible for expanding the client base (and service offerings) while collaborating with sales on cost savings, safety benefits, and increased efficiencies in pulp and paper applications (provided by innovative chemistry and technology). Additionally, this position required extensive chemistry concept knowledge and a proven track record of meeting quotas (and driving sales) in a pulp mill setting. Adding further complexity, the interview process was likely to be delayed as the management team was simultaneously overseeing active customer trials.

Ropella leveraged its ideal leadership hiring model, the SMART Search System, to find a Vice President of Sales. Ropella found a perfect fit (through an existing relationship) that had extensive experience leading technical sales advisors to create customer buy-in through the presentation of innovative chemistry solutions to key decision-makers. Ropella uncovered multiple top-quality candidates, and Clean Chemistry was highly satisfied with the process.


The Opportunity Marketing Piece was custom-created for Clean Chemistry to attract passive (employed and not looking) candidates from a select group of highly-targeted companies. The Opportunity Marketing Piece enabled Ropella’s Executive Search Consultants to present a world-class overview of Clean Chemistry, the unique challenges facing the new Vice President of Sales, and the incredible opportunity to join a team committed to continuous innovation.


This custom-created Skill Survey equipped Ropella’s Executive Search Consultants to effectively gather information from a large pool of candidates. This step was critical to identify and select the most qualified A-players for final submission.


Ropella thoughtfully scored all candidates during the screening and interview process, using a custom-created Scorecard. These scores determined each candidate’s skills and experience, cultural dynamic, management style, compensation, relocation fit, and other attributes.


Ropella’s proprietary Compensation Comparison Calculator compiles a variety of complex compensation factors into a concise Offer Strategy Summary, thereby ensuring that clients don’t lose the perfect candidate to ineffective “negotiations” and/or a current employer counteroffer or other “competing” offers.


Results Delivered

Ropella identified and engaged with 150+ prospects on behalf of Clean Chemistry. From there, Ropella submitted 9 candidates, all of whom were interviewed.

7 Business Days
To Qualified Candidates
69 Business Days
Speed to Placement

Multiple A-player candidates were evaluated through an in-depth interview and assessment process, and the right hire was identified. Clean Chemistry utilized Ropella’s Compensation Comparison Calculator and supporting Offer Strategy Summary to creatively bridge a gap and secure their ideal leadership candidate. Reporting directly to the company President, the Vice President of Sales has already played a fundamental role in getting Clean Chemistry’s proprietary products into customer trials at key paper mills.

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