Loparex – Chief Talent and Culture Officer

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  • Industry Leader in Release Liners
  • 115 Year History (Renamed to Loparex in 2001)
  • $750 Million Annual Revenue
  • 2,000 Employees
  • PE Owned

Loparex is the world’s leading developer, marketer, and producer of release liners in the merchant market. The company leverages decades of application know-how, industry-leading material science expertise, and a processing toolbox to create competitive advantage. With a diverse and expanding range of end markets, healthy growth rates, and highly favorable secular trends, Loparex is on a path to extraordinary, sustained growth. With the 2019 acquisition of Infiana, a leading international release liner and engineering film company, Loparex is furthering its stated intent to become the universal release liner solutions provider of choice. Supported by its private equity financial sponsor, Pamplona Capital Management, Loparex has the ambition and resources to grow, improve, and acquire its way beyond release liners to become a specialty materials/functional coatings company.


Facing the same challenges that many organizations encounter when acquiring and integrating new companies, Simon Medley, Loparex CEO, was concerned about retaining their company culture and identity while continuing to cultivate a high-performance organization. While Loparex possessed a strong stable of Human Resource leaders, the CEO knew that it would be crucial to identify a Chief Talent and Culture Officer (CHRO) who had successfully steered a business through the rapid growth that comes with large-scale acquisitions and integrations.

Ropella leveraged its ideal leadership hiring model, the SMART Search System®, to launch a search and, within weeks, had a pool of best-in-class candidates with extensive niche business experience, including responsibility for production, marketing, pricing, purchasing, and supply chain from a highly targeted list of molecular biology companies. Ropella quickly sourced a highly specialized candidate for Daicel who impressed the firm as a “perfect fit” to lead their U.S. division (Chiral Technologies/Arbor Biosciences). This person promptly demonstrated the ability to carry out organizational procedures and goals (and policies), while overseeing the company’s budgetary and financial activities.


Custom created for Loparex, the Opportunity Marketing Piece was used to attract passive (employed and not looking) candidates from a select group of highly targeted companies. The Opportunity Marketing Piece enabled Ropella’s Executive Search Consultants to present a world-class overview of Loparex, the unique challenges facing the new CHRO, and the incredible opportunity to join a rapidly growing leading manufacturer.


Custom created, the Skill Survey equipped our Executive Search Consultants to effectively gather information from a large pool of candidates. Helping us identify and select for submission only the most qualified ‘A’ players.


Ropella thoughtfully scored all candidates as we moved through the screening and interview process using a custom-created Score Card. The Score Card took into account each candidate’s skills and experience, cultural dynamic, management style, compensation, and relocation fit.


Our proprietary Compensation Comparison Calculator merges the variety of complex compensation factors into one report. This allows for easy comparison of current and competing offers, to ensure our client didn’t lose the perfect candidate to any counter offers or competitors.


Results Delivered

Ropella identified over 750 target companies and engaged with more than 950+ prospects nationally on behalf of Loparex. Resumes from nearly 100 viable candidates were generated, 70 of which were interviewed by Ropella, and the top six finalists were submitted and interviewed by our client.

17 Business Days
To Qualified Candidates
83 Business Days
Speed to Placement

With multiple A-player candidates interviewed, the CEO expressed they could have hired any of the top three candidates with a strong likelihood of long-term success. For the final candidate selection, Ropella used behavioral-based interview questions and Hogan assessments to make the right hire. Ultimately, Loparex chose a transformational HR executive with the exact background and values critical for this role. The chosen executive was a diversity candidate who happened to be near Loparex headquarters and brought a well-rounded business background to the leadership team.

“Ropella brought a very thorough approach to successfully solving Loparex’s talent acquisition needs. From the comprehensive Opportunity Marketing Piece to the detailed Executive Reports – Ropella’s process was key to bringing great candidates with relevant rich experiences. The SMART Search System drove a highly productive interview process with Interview Guides custom-built for our search, and a fantastic offer and acceptance process, ultimately resulting in helping us hire a Transformational Leader for our newly created Chief Culture & Talent Officer role.”

Simon Medley
CEO, Loparex

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