ORG CHEM Group – Vice President of Operations

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  • Established 1979
  • Headquartered in Evansville, IN
  • Estimated $32+ Million in Revenue
  • 115+ Employees Globally
  • Contract Chemical Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquartered in Evansville, IN, ORG CHEM Group is a leading US chemical manufacturer and toll processor. For more than 40 years, the Company has provided products (and services) that add value, conserve natural resources, and extend the limits of modern chemical process technologies. The company’s mission is to offer cost-effective solutions to customers in various industrial applications while minimizing environmental impact. ORG CHEM recycles and reclaims chemicals in crucial sectors: glycols, waxes, synthetic/organic heat transfer fluids, aromatic oils and pitches, gas patch amines, and sodium nitrite.

ORG Group has three major Midwest U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities. The sites can ship (and receive) materials in drums, totes, tank trucks, and railcars.


Challenged with an underperforming Vice President of Operations, ORG CHEM Group needed to quickly recruit a Vice President of Operations that could manage company activities and travel to three manufacturing facilities (located in two different states). Their executive team identified a need for a leader who could work closely with plant management teams to maximize operational efficiency, prompt completion of all on-site capital projects, and ensure full compliance with environmental (and safety) regulations. This position required five years of manufacturing leadership experience, particularly in specialty chemicals or commercial toll processing. The Vice President of Operations would ultimately be responsible for the development of technically innovative and creative ideas for the ORG CHEM Group to expand and grow its operations.

Ropella leveraged its ideal leadership hiring model, the SMART Search System®, to identify a wide range of top-quality candidates for the Vice President of Operations position. These candidates had previous experience reporting to a President (or CEO) and managing ongoing multi-site operations. Ultimately, Ropella created a detailed Offer Strategy Recommendation in partnership with ORG CHEM that enticed the final candidate to accept an offer. ORG CHEM was highly satisfied with Ropella’s process and effective results.


Custom created for ORG CHEM, the Opportunity Marketing Piece was used to attract passive (employed and not looking) candidates from a select group of highly-targeted companies. The Opportunity Marketing Piece enabled Ropella’s Executive Search Consultants to present a world-class overview of ORG CHEM, the unique challenges facing the new Vice President, and the incredible opportunity to join a team with impressive, exponential growth.


This custom-created Skill Survey equipped Ropella’s Executive Search Consultants to effectively gather information from a large pool of candidates. This step was critical to identify and select the most qualified A-players for final submission.


Ropella thoughtfully scored all candidates during the screening and interview process, using a custom-created Scorecard. These scores determined each candidate’s skills and experience, cultural dynamic, management style, compensation, relocation fit, and other attributes.



Ropella’s proprietary Compensation Comparison Calculator compiles a variety of complex compensation factors into a concise Offer Strategy Summary, thereby ensuring that clients don’t lose the perfect candidate to ineffective “negotiations” and/or a current employer counteroffer or other “competing” offers.


Results Delivered

Ropella identified and engaged with 188 prospects on behalf of ORG CHEM. From there, Ropella submitted 8 candidates, with the top 3 making it to final interviews.

10 Business Days
To Qualified Candidates
59 Business Days
Speed to Placement

Multiple A-player candidates were evaluated through an in-depth interview and assessment process, and the top 2 candidates were identified. Ultimately, ORG CHEM utilized Ropella’s Compensation Comparison Calculator and supporting Offer Strategy Summary to creatively bridge a gap and secure their ideal leadership candidate. Reporting directly to the Company President, this new Vice President of Operations will play a fundamental role in leading all three company facilities to ensure maximum efficiency and safety compliance.

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