Patrick B. Ropella

Founder and Chairman

Patrick Ropella is a visionary entrepreneur and executive leader with over 35 years of unparalleled experience in founding and steering a global leading Executive Search firm, a Private Equity services firm, and an Information Research firm, as presented at

As well Patrick has established Ropella Equity Ventures as his own PE investment firm.  Patrick also builds high-end custom homes and creates a wide variety of beautiful art “in his free time,”, through his own art gallery at

Throughout his distinguished career, he has been a driving force in C-Suite leader sourcing, assessment, and development, as well succession and exit planning, business assessment and value creation for many mid-market private equity-backed companies.

Patrick is proud to have successfully contributed to the growth of major global corporate technology organizations such as: Dow, General Electric, BASF, Georgia Pacific, Sony, Tyco Electronics, Nike, Clorox, PPG, Revlon, Baxter Labs, Johnson & Johnson, Shell and many more.  He has also helped hundreds of startups and mid-sized companies grow their great companies from good to great.

Patrick has perfected the art of Executive Search as presented in his bestselling book The Right Hire and then developed a system for providing very high-quality client experiences, delivered very fast through Ropella 360’s proprietary Smart Search System.  Patrick has also created a large IP portfolio of web-based software and calculators for the ROI of Hiring, Comparing Compensation Packages, and much more.

As Ropella 360 looks to the future, Patrick is now leveraging his 35+ year global network (counted in the millions) and his unique experiences to serve as an advisor and/or strategic partner for Private Equity and other Investment firms.  He contributes his expertise on the buy and sell sides, as well serving Backable Executives, conducting SME searches, and Board Seat searches for a long list of high-net-worth clients.

Ropella 360 stands as a leading “SEARCH” firm, serving as Super-Connectors, while heavily focused on the Chemicals, Consumer Products, and General Industrials sectors; now expanding into Robotics, AI, and Space Exploration.   

Ropella 360’s commitment to the future is exemplified through innovative approaches, such as connecting A-player, Level 5 / Transformational leaders via our proprietary Deal Flow Accelerators campaigns, while positioning Ropella 360 as a trailblazer in reshaping private equity growth.

As the author of The Right Hire, and now The Pathways to PE & FO Partnerships, Patrick’s C-suite and investor insights are also featured in hundreds of publications worldwide – in multiple languages – solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the realms of business and investment. As he navigates the remaining years of his career, Patrick remains dedicated to building the future of companies with a passion for on unparalleled leadership, continued innovation, and hyper-focused vision casting.