4 Workplace Myths You May Have Heard

Myths abound in the workplace regarding the availability, motivations, and desires of today’s employee.  Here are four dangerous workforce myths that need to be forever buried and replaced by new realities.

Myth #1: You just can’t find good people these days.
New Reality #1: There are millions of great employees in the workplace.

To achieve great results, you need to clearly understand who you are looking for, the types of people who will best fit within your culture and connect to your purpose.  Then, you need to create progressive ways to attract these (typically) already employed heroes into your company.

There are plenty of great people around.  The key is whether you are willing to do what is necessary to get them interested in your company and connected with your journey to greatness.

Myth #2: People only work for the money.
Reality #2: Great people work for more than a paycheck.

Actually, this myth is partially true.  Great people do want competitive pay.  Great people know what the prevailing wage is in their area.  A pay range slightly above the norm is enough to get the attention of the best people in the market.

But today’s top talent, although expecting competitive compensation for their efforts, work for more than mere money – they work to make a difference. Isn’t that what you want from your workforce?

Myth #3: People are your greatest asset.
Reality #3: The RIGHT people are your greatest asset.

People are not your greatest asset.  If that were true, then all you would need to do to increase the assets of your company is simply add more people onto your payroll!  Even filling your company with highly skilled professionals is no sure bet of achieving great results.  Why?  It takes far more than mere skills and knowledge within a workforce to achieve great results; it also takes a special connection to its purpose and culture.

Who are the right people?  Those with the right stuff, the corporate DNA, the ones who understand and embrace the purpose, live the culture, and are committed to helping the organization achieve great results.

Give me a company filled with purpose-aligned, culture-loving people, and I’ll win every time!

Myth #4: Great people make great employees anywhere they work.
Reality #4: Great people are only great within the right environment.

A great employee at The Home Depot would not necessarily be a great employee at Southwest Airlines. A great employee at 3M would not necessarily be a great employee at Office Depot. A great employee at Fairview Health Systems in Minneapolis, Minnesota would not necessarily be a great employee at Bayfront Health Systems in St. Petersburg, Florida.

What makes for a great employee in your company is different than what makes a great employee at your competitors.  You are looking for a unique combination of things, the right stuff, the DNA that sets apart your best people from all the others.