Ropella Competes at the 25th Annual YMCA Corporate Cup Games

Last weekend, was the 25th annual YMCA Corporate Cup Games in Pensacola, and Ropella competed for the third time.  We also made our strongest appearance yet – Second Place overall for the Small Company Division, and Fourth Place overall out of all participating companies!  We were only three points off from first and third place overall finishes, and we all feel confident we will continue to improve going forwards.

Since it was the 25th iteration of the games, we decided to go with a Hunger Games Quarter Quell theme for our t-shirts and banner.  The Mockingjay has been replaced by our Ropella eagle logo, and on the banner you can see me riding in the chariot, just like the tributes.

Of course, even though we all have competitive spirits, the most important take-away of events like this is to have fun and bond with our team.  And we definitely had a great time!  The picture compilation above shows our team working together and having fun throughout the day.