Ropella Equity Ventures CEO & CFO Attend Family Office Club Event

Patrick Ropella and his CFO Mike Christopher flew out to Dallas, TX, for a one-of-a-kind Family Office Club event. The conference featured live workshops focused on capital raising, investor relations, and marketing strategies.

Family Office Club CEO and founder Richard C. Wilson shared his professional investment insights with various attendees (private companies, business owners, syndicators, fund managers, sponsors, etc.), many of whom represented a deal or looked to invest capital.

“If you follow the status quo, you’ll get status quo results,” Wilson said. “If you want to create a life of wealth and freedom, learn from those who have made it, and do what it takes to follow suit,” he said.

Ropella Equity Ventures (REV) has a proud partnership with Wilson, who now serves on the REV Advisory Team. To learn more about the Family Office Club, visit: