YMCA Corporate Cup Games

One of Ropella’s more fun traditions is participating in the local YMCA Corporate Cup Games.  Last weekend we made our second annual appearance… And took home Third Place for the Small Company Division!  (Robbie and I are pictured above, accepting our award.)

Of course, most of my employees and I are extremely competitive, as we all really want to win.  Those of you who follow my blog know I’m a fan of compiling the pictures I take at various events.    As you can see from the smiling faces, we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. I think one of our Executive Search Consultants, Cathy, said it best: “The whole day was fun… [and it was] great to see our team laughing and having a good time.”

In addition to the athletic events, each company had two optional creative tasks to undertake before the day of the competition.  One was designing shirts for the team to wear, and one was to create a homemade banner.  Both the shirt and banner had to keep with the theme of the day, which was “Reach for the Stars”.  The banner was all about recreating Starry Night by Van Goh, with the addition of a few people reaching for the stars.  All day, we had people asking whether it had really been hand-painted, or if we’d had it printed.

Tug of war was the final event of the day, and even though we didn’t make it past the first round, my team dug down deep.  I am constantly appreciative that my employees put their all into everything they do, and this was no exception.  While most of the faceoffs were decided quickly one way or the other, our battle took by far the longest, and our resolve did not slip once.

Overall, it was definitely a great day.  We’ve got more exciting adventures on the horizon around the office, including our yearly pre-Christmas getaway to Destin (and our annual Gingerbread House Competition, which is always fierce). Stay tuned!