Patrick, Thank you for all that you and Ropella do for Dow. The processes and systems you have applied (from The Right Hire) while working with Dow have proved very valuable over many years of service.

Andrew Liveris
Chairman and CEO
The Dow Chemical Company

Patrick, It was nice seeing you at this year’s Soap & Detergent Association annual meeting. I look forward to sharing the Right Hire with my leadership team. Thanks again to a valued partner and Leader.

Bob McDonald
Procter & Gamble

I recently had the opportunity to explore the Backable Executive opportunity presented by Ropella, and I must say, the Opportunity Marketing Piece they’ve crafted is unparalleled – truly the best I’ve encountered. Wishing everyone at Ropella continued success and well-being.

Charles Eggert
Operating Partner
Arsenal Capital Partners

“Ropella is probably one of the best vendor partners that I have ever worked with – just in terms of the quality of search that was done. It was fun, thorough and overall a great experience.”

Arati Parthasarathy
Talent Scout – Materials Development Innovation

Our new Vice President of Sales and Marketing has just finished his first week…It appears that we could have not have made a better choice. Your assistance in guiding us through the thought processes that led into our final selection was invaluable. Congratulations on a job well done!

Herbert M. Norman
Norman Fox & Co

We’ve collaborated with Ropella to fill a few different positions, and they’ve consistently delivered candidates of exceptional quality. In our most recent search, Robbie and the team demonstrated remarkable swiftness, presenting a highly qualified candidate in a record-breaking time frame. Achieving such impressive results, securing a top-tier candidate in just over a month, without compromising on quality, was truly outstanding.

Amy Filarski
HR Director
Exotic Automation & Supply

Thank you to the “A+” Team at the Ropella Group. A seamless and top-notch experience – from my first interaction; through interviews, assessments, and support; and then expert guidance for the negotiations. During my 30-year career, I have interacted with multiple executive recruiting groups, and I place the Ropella Group at the top. Ropella will be my first call when I need to find and hire the best talent for future organizational needs.

C. Scott Lamb
General Manager
Azelis Americas

Robbie and Samantha knocked it out of the park for us. We knew you would both do a great job given NB’s past experience with Ropella, but our expectations were exceeded in every way. All of the “thanks” goes to you two! We look forward to working together again when the opportunity presents itself.

Charlie Nelson
Executive Vice President
Nelson Brothers

Working with the Ropella Group was the best experience I have ever had with any recruiter from either side of the desk. Encouraging, courteous, and professional service throughout the identification, introduction to the employer, interview, and offer stages. I truly felt I had a support team working alongside me to land the fantastic career opportunity I desired. As a hiring manager, the Ropella Group is where I will go to find and secure top talent.

Ray Winkel
General Manager
Rierden Chemical & Trading Company

I have worked with many recruiters throughout my career. Ropella is most definitely on my Top 5 list of recruiters. The Ropella team worked tirelessly to find the best candidates for my organization to consider for our executive-level position. Their dedication and passion were exemplified through the quality of the candidates presented for consideration. I would highly recommend Ropella for executive-level staffing needs.

Deirdre Hicks
Director of Human Resources
Manus Bio


Here you will find endorsements for Patrick Ropella’s The Right Hire, from a wide cross-section of professionals, including authors, publishers, business leaders, military leaders, as well as those in the HR and Executive Search communities.

The SMART Search System as presented in The Right Hire, is one of the most advanced Executive Search Placement processes, I have ever seen. The supporting ROI Calculators prove how extremely valuable “quality hiring“ that is delivered fast – can really be. Especially when hiring A-Players and Transformational Leaders. If I were seriously committed to coming out of retirement to grow another search firm, Ropella would be a firm I would be proud to add my name to.

Jeff Christian
Founder & Chairman of the Executive Search Firm Christian &
Timbers & the Venture Fund CT Access Ventures

The Right Hire offers a great perspective on a critical topic! Using the principles and practices set forth in The Right Hire will mean the difference between success and failure.

Marshall Goldsmith
Million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get
You There

“Physician heal thyself.” This biblical mandate was never more true than today. The biggest healthcare initiative in our country’s history is underway, but it is woefully mismanaged on many levels. Patrick Ropella’s current book, The Right Hire gives us proven principles and focused strategies to identify, attract, motivate and measure talent in any field, but especially where it is needed most – the muscle-bound world of managing the deliverance and effectiveness of healthcare and wellness. If you need relief fast, read and put into practice what’s in this book.

Gerry Roche
SR. Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles

Patrick, It was nice seeing you at this year’s Soap & Detergent Association annual meeting. I look forward to sharing the Right Hire with my leadership team. Thanks again to a valued partner and Leader.

Bob McDonald
CEO, Proctor & Gamble

People interviewing have choices, and The Right Hire presents the right things to do not only to attract the top talent, but also to assess for culture fit, personal characteristics, and experiences and credentials that will fit with your opportunity. It gives the reader the needed tools to attract, screen, assess, offer, and successfully integrate and retain top talent. With the growing need for companies to hire the very best talent available, The Right Hire is a must-read.

Steve Watson
International Chairman – Stanton Chase

Patrick, Thank you for all that you and Ropella do for Dow. The processes and systems you have applied (from The Right Hire) while working with Dow have proved very valuable over many years of service.

Andrew Liveris
Chairman and CEO, The Dow Chemical Company

With over 30 years of experience in C-suite executive recruiting across industries, I would recommend this book to any organization serious about finding and hiring the best talent in the market. The Right Hire presents penetrating insights into the recruiting process along with practical tools to drive recruiting to the next level to build the best team in the business, whatever your business may be.

David Hoffmann
Founder, Chairman, and CEO of DHR International, a Top 5 retained executive search firm

Pat has crafted a magnificent and powerful approach to the #1 challenge of any progressive, growth-oriented business: attracting, selecting, and on-boarding top talent. His strategy, tactics, and tools brilliantly guide us on the journey to finding and retaining today’s best people. I only wish he’d written this 25 years ago when I began my career – it would have saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in my recruiting efforts and mistakes.

Dr. Jim Harris
Co-Author, Finding and Keeping Great Employees, a Fortune magazine Best Business Book, To a Higher Level

Pretty well every successful business leader speaks to the value of the human capital in their organizations. It is startling then that there has never been a truly comprehensive business book on how to go about the process of hiring. Pat Ropella is filling a big void with The Right Hire – a must have handbook for effective hiring.

Sylvia MacArthur
President – IRC Global Executive Search Partners

Patrick Ropella’s The Right Hire provides, for an extremely sensitive subject and potentially costly area of corporate life, a light, easy-to-understand, and hugely helpful system for how to do it right the first time. This book should be the standard curriculum for all managers and executive committees.

Darrell W. Gurney
Founder of CareerGuy.com, author of Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters and Never Apply for a Job Again! Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest

Provocative. Practical. Pragmatic. Ropella spells out in a compelling way the dynamics of one of the most critical decisions any organization makes: making the right hire. This book should be required reading for all HR professionals, search consultants, and anyone involved in hiring for that matter.

Rick Frishman
Founder, Planned Television Arts
Publisher, Morgan James Publishing

Too often making the right hire is seen as a matter of luck. It should not be. Follow the steps in this book and it will improve your success rate dramatically.

Yves Lermusi
CEO, Checkster

People are the source of every organization’s competitive advantage and Patrick has given us a proven path to finding and keeping the right people that will ensure our success. This engaging book will convince you that the most important strategic decisions you will ever make are the people you hire. Read it – absorb it – do it!

Pam Bilbrey
coauthor, Ordinary Greatness, Patrick Lencioni Consultant

Patrick possess an extraordinary ability to bring structure and systems to concepts. This is exactly what he has done in this book by providing a blueprint for any talent acquisition team. People are the most precious resource of any organization. The Right Hire provides a system that will maximize any team’s ability to not only identify and screen the ideal talent but also to attract and retain them. There are immediately implementable best practices as well as a clear and easy to follow system to win in the ongoing marketplace battle for the best and brightest!

Jeff Kaye
CEO Next Level Exchange & Kaye/Bassman International

After a career spanning more than 38 years in executive search and consulting, I can say without reservation, that Patrick Popella’s, The Right Hire is without a doubt the best publication I have read on the important subject of developing and executing an effective and successful staffing process. From the easy to follow layout of the book to the support graphics; from his down to earth writing style to the realistic and practical techniques and strategies Patrick presents in every chapter, this book is a must read for every company executive, HR manager or recruiter who is serious about getting it right the first time, every time. Perhaps the most significant feature of this book is how the author places the reader right in the middle of ‘Smart Talent Management’ through his artful use of questions. You don’t just read this book, you experience it and it is an experience I highly recommend. This author and publication have my highest endorsement for applicable information and implementable process content.

Terry Petra
CPC,CTS,CIPC President and CEO, Professional Services Consultants