Cosmetic and Personal Care Ingredients

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Ropella Industry Expertise

As the lifeblood of cosmetics and personal care, ingredients require smart solutions and insights that increase applications, meet safety concerns and open new markets. The industry is well-situated in nearly any economic climate; recession-proof in hard times and blooming with new opportunities when the economy is strong. Consumer tastes evolve and demographics change thus the industry must stay nimble to keep profitable.

New compounds. Efficiency. Safety. Sourcing. These are just a few of the challenges in a highly competitive field where markets call for innovative thinking and understanding of everything from extracts, acids and oils to vitamins, zinc, sterols and much, much more.

The Ropella 360 SMART Search SystemSM takes the risk and guesswork out of the hiring process.

With 35+ years as a global search leader, Ropella has proven (many times over) to be well-versed at delivering the most advanced search execution capabilities, solving the most challenging needle-in-a-haystack searches, and managing talent selection and development as a primary asset for ROI.

As a bestselling author of The Right Hire and a highly-experienced practitioner, Patrick Ropella developed the SMART Search SystemSM, regarded as one of the most well-respected, talent-centric executive search solutions available.