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“Glass” is a much more complex substance than it appears at first glance, and it does much more than simply provide a barrier from outside environs while allowing one to see through it – such as in a window. This material has become synonymous with the vessels we drink out of and the lenses we wear in frames to improve our vision. The fiber optic cables that run our computer networks are also composed of glass fibers, no thicker than a strand of hair. Even pane glass windows can be improved with glass additives – these chemicals are needed to create bulletproof glass, beautiful stained-glass mosaics, and two-way mirrors.

The most common glass additives are those which make it efficient to work with. Silica – the base chemical in most glass – has an extremely high melting point, and sodium carbonate must be added to lower this melting point for blowing. Unfortunately, this chemical also causes the glass to become water soluble! Can you imagine if your windows dissolved every time it rained? In order to counteract this side-effect, lime or calcium oxide is added to once again ensure the finished product is not soluble. Other additives include boron, which allows the glass to hold up under extreme temperatures, and lanthanum oxide, which add the light-reflective properties that create high quality lenses.

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