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The definition of industrial gases can be found right in the name: they are chemicals that are in a gaseous state at room temperature, and are used across industry (as opposed to being sold commercially). These gases can be of pure elemental composition – such has nitrogen, oxygen, or helium – or they can be composed of carefully controlled compounds – including acetylene, carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide. There is one other particularly interesting subset of the industrial gas industry: liquified gases, like liquid nitrogen or liquid hydrogen.

The uses of industrial gases are even more varied than the types. One of the most familiar uses is probably that of using carbon dioxide to carbonate soda. Nitrous oxide is a versatile compound that can be used as a propellant for spray-cans, including for whipped cream; also known as “laughing gas”, it is commonly used as an anesthetic in dental offices. Acetylene is a hydrocarbon that is used in conjunction with oxygen to create extremely hot flames in welding and steelmaking. One of industrial gases’ most promising evolutions is in “green chemistry”: replacing traditional, less eco-friendly chemicals in various industrial processes, and helping to clean our air, water, and fuel.

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