Lithium Ion Batteries, Batteries, and Fuel Cells

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Ropella Industry Expertise

What do electronic cigarettes, cell phones, and the Mars Curiosity rover have in common? They all run on the power of lithium ion batteries. Without these rechargeable batteries, our high-technology electronic culture would not be possible; we would not be able to carry our technology around with us in our pocket, always at our fingertips. Their lightweight construction combined with high energy density and long lifespans make lithium ion batteries ideal for use in consumer electronics, military, electric vehicle, and aerospace applications.

Another leading energy technology is fuel cells. Unlike batteries, fuel cells don’t lose the ability to hold charge over time; and unlike internal combustion engines, fuel cells are fueled by hydrogen, and their only by-products are heat and water, so there are no worries about harmful emissions or depletion of nonrenewable resources. The biggest obstacle keeping fuel cells from widespread adoption is the associated production cost.

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