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Monomers are to the chemical industry what letters are to language – their true value is not always inherent, but comes from stringing a bunch of them together to create something useful. While you usually need several different letters to build a word (and many more to create a sentence), for monomers it is all about repetition, with like-monomers bonding to build complex polymer chains. From the nucleotides that combine to form our DNA to vinyl chlorides that are the constituents of PV; from glucose that is the basis of starch, cellulose, and glycogen to tetrafluoroethylene that builds Teflon.

The redundant bonds, often through double carbon-carbon bonds, that monomers undergo in polymerization make their end-products strong and durable. They have already been applied to many industrial fields, but more opportunities await companies that can improve existing applications and develop new uses. There are new discoveries to be made, and consumer products that those discoveries can be converted into; there is money to be saved by developing membrane-based recovery processes that are environmentally sustainable and make the feedstocks less subject to price volatility.

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