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Rare earth elements have been called “the seeds of technology”, and they live up to this title. Although technology would not be impossible without these seventeen elements, it would certainly not be what it is today: rare earth elements allow us to make electronics smaller, faster, lighter, and more durable. Most importantly, perhaps, they reduce emissions and energy consumption. Technology would be possible without these metals, but green technology would not. Rare earth is utilized in solar panels, wind turbines, and the rechargeable batteries found in cell phones, laptops, and hybrid cars.

Although these elements are not actually rare in nature, they are difficult to separate from one another, are not usually found in large concentrations, and are often found alongside radioactive elements that make them dangerous to extract. The largest challenge to the supply of rare earth, however, is geopolitical, with China having delicately crafted a monopoly on the market over the last couple of decades, causing the rest if the world to drive innovation to meet the demands for these elements.

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