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Rubber got its name when English chemist Joseph Priestley determined that it could be used to “rub out” pencil marks. Since then, rubber has come a far way. It’s many diverse uses include adhesives, wetsuits, weather proofing, and – predominantly – car tires. Pure natural rubber – known as latex when it is tapped from trees – is not especially useful; it is far too susceptible to temperature changes, going from very brittle in cold temperatures to sticky and odorous in warm temperatures.

It is rubber chemicals that have enabled the varied modern uses of this polymer. Synthetic rubbers account for more than two-thirds of modern rubber use, and even natural, vulcanized rubber would not be possible without sulfur. Chemicals help to move rubber through the production process, from mastication and mixing to shaping and curing. Those chemicals which can perform multiple tasks, such as simultaneously serving as an oxidant, accelerator, and radical scavenger, are in especially high demand.

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