Silicas and Zeolites

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Silica is one of the most prevalent minerals on Earth. Currently, the most common industrial use of silica is in construction, as an additive for cement, with silica fume catalyzing reactions that make the concrete stronger and denser, and increasing its workability. Other uses of silica include in the silicon chips that form the microchips used in microelectronics, as an abrasive in toothpaste, and as a powder flow agent in both food and pharmaceutical production. A silica based aerogel was even used in the Stardust spacecraft, to collect extraterrestrial particles (“space dust”) to bring back to Earth for study!

Due to the prevalence of its feedstocks, silica and alumina, zeolite supply is easily secured. Its ability to act as a molecular sieve make zeolite an extremely important component of many industrial uses. Zeolite is used in airplanes and oxygen tanks to create purified oxygen from compressed air, in the purification of both water and natural gas, in non-clump cat litter, and as a hemostatic agent. There are 232 known zeolite structures, but computers have predicted millions of potential structures that remain only to be discovered and synthesized.

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