Thermosetting Polymers

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The difference between thermoset plastics and thermoplastics is relationally somewhat like the difference between pasta and water. Pasta can be cooked through boiling, softening it for consumption. Once it has been cooked, though, it cannot be recooked in the same way – doing more than reheating it will just cause it to burn. This is like thermoset plastics, which cannot be remelted and reshaped after being set – re-exposing them to extreme heat will only cause them to burn. (Thermoplastics, however, are more like water. Just as water can be frozen and unfrozen indefinitely, thermoplastics can be remelted and reformed repeatedly without significant structural degradation.)

The enhanced strength and resistance thermoset polymers gain through crosslinking makes them idea for an array of long-term uses, including insulating foams, vulcanized water, protective coatings, and adhesives. The specific polymers determine the end characteristics, which can vary from high elasticity to strong firmness, but all thermoset polymers display a high heat and corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Another advantage they offer is that they are more economical to produce than thermoplastics.

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