Robbie Ropella


Robbie Ropella started as a recruiter and has since been promoted to be the Ropella Group’s CEO. Robbie’s motivation is the satisfaction she experiences from finding a perfect match for her clients and helping them grow their great companies. While also demonstrating problem-solving and critical thinking, her leadership embodies servant leadership. Robbie’s spirit to consistently provide help and support to her team fosters an effective work environment.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Robbie has continued to successfully market top talent to her clients and help companies improve their teams. As the economy improves, Robbie continues to develop her executive search team and has experienced tremendous growth for the past three years.

Robbie now enjoys traveling extensively with her husband Patrick. Whether she attends conferences, enjoys trade shows, or visits her clients’ headquarters, Robbie embodies the heart of the Ropella Group through her passion for building and cultivating relationships with people. Robbie is a grandmother of five and enjoys martial arts, jet skiing, wallyball, golf, kayaking, and nearly anything sports-related.