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Though it may look very much like soot, carbon black is, in fact, quite distinct – most notably, while soot is no more than 60% carbon, carbon black is upwards of 95% pure elemental carbon. Carbon black is produced by highly controlled processes involving intense heat and pressure. Must care must be taken in the production process to protect employees not only from these extreme conditions, but also from the potential to inhale the resulting nanoparticles.

Upwards of 90% of carbon black is utilized in the production of rubber products, especially automobile tires. In addition to lending tires their characteristic black shade, carbon black also acts as a reinforcer, significantly strengthening the tire and conducting heat away from the tread and belt, thus greatly lengthening the tire’s lifespan. Most of the remaining 10% of carbon black’s use comes as a pigment in products such as printer toner, plastics, and paints.

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