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Fluoride in the common vernacular has come to be synonymous with the prevention of tooth decay, both through toothpastes enriched with fluoride, and fluoridated tap water. This is certainly a vital use of fluoride – children living in communities without fluoridated water experience as many as 33% more cavities – but it is far from the most common use of these chemicals. Nearly half of all mined fluorite is utilized in the refinement of steel. For every metric ton of steel that is produced, approximately 3 kg of metspar grade fluorite is utilized.

These are just two of the diverse array of uses for organofluorine (fluorocarbons) and inorganic fluorine compounds. Other uses include durable water repellants, non-stick cookware, refrigerant gases, and antireflection coating for optical materials. One of the most intriguing new developments on the use of these chemicals, however, is in the field of invisibility research. Scientists are developing metamaterials that use magnesium fluoride along with silver and gold, which bend and reverse the trajectory of light, and which carry the possibility of rendering objects invisible.

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