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Fracking – short for hydraulic fracturing – is the process of injecting a combination of water, proppants, and additives at high pressure into a wellbore to create small fractures which release various hydrocarbons. In contrast to traditional drilling, fracking can open up rock formations and allow companies to harness resources that would otherwise be too expensive to retrieve. Fracking has played a vital role in reversing America’s energy crisis, providing us with an abundance of natural gas; in fact, the United States is the leading natural gas producer in the world. These natural gases burn much cleaner and cheaper than gasoline and coal, and produce much less air pollution.

The industry, however, is not without its controversies. There are concerns that fracking can trigger earthquakes, deplete water supplies, and contaminate groundwater. However, when done with the proper precautions in place, these risk factors can be greatly diminished. The risks are also counterbalanced by its many benefits, including its contribution to our energy needs and the thousands of jobs it has created across the country.

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