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Pools are often considered to be calm places – somewhere one goes to kick back and relax. The upkeep of pools, however, can be complicated if not addressed properly and consistently. pH balances must be maintained to ensure that the water remains comfortable for human contact, rather than being irritating – or even harmful – to the skin. Calcium hardness must also be monitored, lest the water in the pool begin to erode surrounding walls and equipment to supply itself with the necessary minerals.

Pool chemicals aid in each of the processes; pH balance is especially delicate, and can rise and fall rapidly. In addition to pH increasers and reducers, alkalinity increasers are necessary to act as a buffer for pH levels, keeping them from varying so drastically. The most well-known pool chemical of all is, of course, chlorine, which works as an algaecide and a sanitizer. Not only must free and combined chlorine levels be monitored on a daily basis, regular “shocks” are needed to ensure combined chlorine reaches its breakpoint oxidation. The pool chemical industry continues to innovate and bring new products developed for pools from the smallest deck side spa to giant competitive university pools.

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